AISI Condensers - Nickel-Plated


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Art. Description
C1980003N PM6       H245 mm  Ø 150 mm
C1980007N PM10     H410 mm  Ø 150 mm
C1980012N PM12     H410 mm  Ø 150 mm 
C1980008N PM18     H510 mm  Ø 183 mm 
C1980011N PM25     H610 mm  Ø 183 mm
C1980014N PM35     H610 mm  Ø 213 mm



Art. Description  
G1006 Gasket Ø  150  ERCLOR  
G1005 Gasket Ø  180  ERCLOR  
G1006V Gasket Ø  150  VITON  
G1005V Gasket Ø  180  VITON